• Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Web Design
  • Graphic & Print Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Product Design & Development
  • UAT Testing
  • Content Entry

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Under Davidson Marketing, I was apart of a small team responsible for various cross-functions of the business; from assisting in the company's marketing brand and website strategies to redesigning the proprietary product suite. I indepdendently recruited, hired and managed interns, led the effort for marketing website redesign and managed creation, design and posting of collateral on a daily basis. As a team of two, I conducted a complete product redesign for FutureOffice Network (FON), an online insurance sales-tool platform, increasing user experience, user engagement and successfully fueling more sales.

Future Office Network Logo

I executed the product design, development & rebranding for FON, utilized by 10,000+ subscribers and contained 2,000+ documents, with materials posted and updated daily. I conducted wire frame development, extensive outline of website functionality, design & implementation of user interface, organization of content & thorough product testing/review.

  • Wireframes & UX Flows
    • Assisted in preliminary product research, including thorough testing of current product.
    • Interviewed users to understand behaviors, pain-points & successes.
    • Worked with team to refine sitemap across dense library of insurance & health/benefits resources.
    • Provided in-depth blue prints for entire product suite.
    • Outlined user flows & functionality details for backend development.
    • Designed complex system for user-priveleges across various tiered managers & audiences.
    • Developed & integrated personalization code to allow users ability to uniquely brand documents within expansive online index.
  • Graphic & Web Design
    • Produced desktop designs in Photoshop.
    • Assisted in creation & production of web graphics.
    • Greatly improved UX of website & modernized FON brand.
    • Provided easy-navigation across subject matter focuses: such as property & casualty, healthcare benefits & insurance sales tools.
    • Implemented personalization for users, via themes & personalized content.
    • Saw increased usage of system & large boost of sales after redesign was completed.
    • Created guides & marketing packages for onboarding users to new system.
  • UAT Testing & Content Entry
    • Assisted team in executing test plans across various OS' & devices.
    • Collaborated with backend engineers to align frontend design code & integrated repository.
    • Assisted in entry of technical elements.
    • Transferred & reorganized entire system content library under structure
    • Designed technical flows for personalization of documents/platforms/users.

Katie is one of the most talented UX Designers/UI Developers I have had the privilege to work with in my career. Not only is she a very talented visual designer, but she has ingenious front end web development skills with an incredible eye for detail. Katie is passionate and innovative always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance her knowledge and skills.

What stands out most to me on Katie is her ability to listen to customer requirements and design needs to develop those business requirements into an amazing design. She truly has a knack for taking limited information from clients and creating something that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Katie a fun person to work with, and is reliable, has a strong work ethic and is a true team player. She has strong personal skills that enable her to work effectively with a wide variety of clients at many different levels. I’d highly recommend Katie for any type of design work.

Katie has a widely varied skillset which enables her to contribute greatly to the front-end aspects of a project including IA/Wireframing, User-Centric Design, User Experience and Front End Development.

This makes Katie a very valuable addition to any project or company in that she leverages these skills to create many project efficiencies and craft a more seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Katie is also very detail oriented, responsible, and has a very solid work ethic. I would definitely consider her an asset to any team.

Working with Katie on different projects was always a pleasure. Katie and I worked together for over 3 years and on several different projects that I was managing. Katie has a great way of getting to know the clients, their preferences and ultimately what they would like reflected for their new website. As a project manager, Katie was always on time with deliverables and would put in the extra effort to ensure the project success. Katie is a great teammate and I would love to have her on any project.

Katie is a team player. She is willing to help anyone in any way she can. This has been partciularly noted in her tutelage of our terrific interns. She has patiently taught them more than skills, but also about professional life. Everyone recognizes & appreciates her mentorial skills and overall willingness to help anyone and everyone out whenever she is called on. She makes good business decisions, taking input from multiple sides of an issue and htem formulating a decision.

Katie's chief impact is her outstanding product work. From the design, the birth of an idea to her writing, she works with professionalism to create impact in the eyes and ears of the audience. Katie is an innovatoive designer who executes her ideas without much fanfare. She is methodical in her approach to thought and truly an enthusiastic learner.